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New Windows Phone Game Development Resources On the Way

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New Windows Phone Game Development Resources On the Way

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While I have a minutes breather between projects (flipped was released, Vequencer is prepping for Beta and my other projects are just waiting) I thought I’d share with you, my avid reader base (whomever you may be) my upcoming plans.

Basically I’m going on holiday for a few weeks to the fair shores of France, more specifically the south east region about 20 miles north of the Spanish border (yay me, but I'll still be thinking of all of you still within the confines of work Open-mouthed smile).  Now I say this not to be cruel, but I find that my holidays are a great opportunity to actually get things done, either to learn new software or frameworks, build cool gadgets or in this case I’m prepping to write several more articles.

Dull bit over, what’s actually happening.

For myself I'm planning on writing two new developer focused articles for DZone which will most likely be published here, namely:

The Battle of the Engine – Unity vs SunBurn

Unity and SunBurn go head-to-head to assert dominance for indie developers trying to sway people to their deployed platforms, the following article lays both engines bare for all to see and outlines plans for each.

(Possibly may include the game creators engines - DarkBasic and/or the App Game Kit)


Slar, Gart and Goblins – Just What Do You Want From Your Reality

A comparison and guide through the sea of Augmented Reality solutions out there including the SLAR, GART and Goblin frameworks, just where will your phone take you today?


And that’s not all!

My good friend @MartinCaine of Retroburn Game Studios is also currently fevering away on a couple of articles that are worth mentioning:

3D Game Programming for the Windows Phone

A technical walkthrough of how Retroburn Game Studios' game Positron was put together with code samples and tips demonstrating how to create highly optimized 3D environments for the Windows Phone. Covering VertexBuffers, Rendering Optimization, Seamless Loading, Menu Creation and other elements which make up Positron's total user experience

Designing and optimizing games for Windows Phone

An overview of how Retroburn Game Studios' game Positron was ported from Xbox 360 to Windows Phone 7 while retaining it's unique and highly attractive visual style. Covering the design process and how certain game items were optimized for performance on the Windows Phone

To be Honest Martin’s sound more like a prep for a book deal Open-mouthed smile, but we’ll see.

What is amazing is that he’s doing all this while in the grips of finalising his latest game effort Positron, which by all accounts will be worth a look and will likely have you hooked in minutes (and he’s not stopping at just Windows, XBOX and Windows Phone, so stay tuned).

What else?

Well I do have a few other things planned but I'm not quite ready to overcommit, the SunBurn V Unity article will probably end up being split between a could of articles as I’d really like to go deep with it, even so far as to make the same game twice in both frameworks to really drive out what’s involved.


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