The New World of Single Page Interface Sites is now LGPL v3

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The New World of Single Page Interface Sites is now LGPL v3

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ItsNat v1.2 is the first release LGPL v3 licensed allowing closed source web sites and applications built on top of ItsNat.

ItsNat focus is Single Page Interface (SPI) web sites, that is, web sites ever running in a single page with no page reload or page navigation, in the same time with no sacrifice of any required feature of web sites such as SEO, bookmarking, back/forward buttons, JavaScript disabled (accessibility), freedom of layout design etc.

The Single Page Interface Manifesto summarizes this "new" trend of web sites.

ItsNat is not the only tool to deliver SPI sites like Google Search, Twitter, FaceBook or LifeHacker,  but it is probably the only server-centric tool for this kind of web sites, in ItsNat most of coding is done in server using Java W3C DOM APIs managing pure X/HTML templates (page and page fragment) and receiving Java W3C DOM Events, instead of a client-centric approach based on clumsy JavaScript, ItsNat approach is the same as in client but Java based with all the goods of Java ecosystem and server-centric programming like no communication bridges, view logic and data together, out of the box security and so on.

Almost any typical conventional web site based on hundreds of pages can be converted to a single page, changing only page parts on demand usually as the result of user actions. This example shows how a conventional page based e-commerce web site can be converted to SPI (in this case 2 pages with more effort could be one), the same in Google App Engine. In spite of server-centric nature of ItsNat, memory consumption can be extremely low (interesting for GAE).

Single Page Interface delivers an amazing user experience but it has a price, you must be a master of JavaScript and be ready to tons of JavaScript code, custom made AJAX calls and security concerns, on the other hand you can follow the server-centric approach of ItsNat avoiding the client/server impedance because client synchronization is automatic. Anyway custom client code and JavaScript libraries can be easily integrated into an ItsNat site/application (tutorial).

Feel free to build with ItsNat the new generation of SPI web sites.



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