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News from Kojo: NetBeans Platform Scala Learning Environment

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News from Kojo: NetBeans Platform Scala Learning Environment

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I’m pleased to announce a new version of Kojo (written in Scala on the NetBeans Platform) - a learning environment for Programming (in Scala), Math, and Art. The new release has some exciting new features:

  • Stories – which allow users to author presentations and other creative works – using programs, text, images, sound, and music. Stories are written using a combination of Scala and embedded HTML.
    • Check out the Kojo Overview story from the Stories menu within Kojo – for a demonstration of the kinds of things that you can do within stories.

  • Music (MP3) support – to enable playing background music and voice recordings within stories; but usable outside of stories as well.

  • Math Notation (Latex) support – to enable writing authentic looking stories related to Math and Science.

  • Programmable Geometry within Mathworld.

  • A tool to do syntax checking – which helps to precisely locate errors within large scripts (driven by the fact that stories tend to be larger programs than plain sketches).
    • This tool also allows Scala AST (Abstract syntax tree) browsing.

  • Upgraded version of Scala – version 2.8.1 is bundled.

Some recent screenshots:

As always, the new version is available on the Kojo Download Page.

This release of Kojo is dedicated to Tanu Nayal (the Principal of Himjyoti School, Dehradun, India), who  passed away, tragically and unexpectedly, last month. Tanu was a great human being, and a big supporter of Kojo in school education. She will be sorely missed…

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