News from KubeCon and Cloud Native Con 2018

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News from KubeCon and Cloud Native Con 2018

Straight from KubeCon and Cloud Native Con 2018, here are some of the most exciting announcements from Microsoft, Cloud 66, Bitnami, and others.

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Sifting through the flurry of companies announcing new, or improved Kubernetes hosting support were a few more interesting announcements. Here’s what I found.

Bitnami to Improve Support for Serverless and Kubeapps

Bitnami has always specialized in making complex applications simple to install and use, and their Kubernetes offering added support for running Serverless applications under Kubernetes using the Kubeless framework. Version 1.0 of Kubeless adds GoLang and Java runtime support, plus a series of new ways to trigger functions, including Kafka.

Bitnami also launched version 1.0 of Kubeapps, their own method for deploying applications to Kubernetes, and deploying discrete applications has always been Bitnami’s strong point, so this is a compelling offering.

Buoyant Launches Commercial Linkerd and Conduit

If you’ve ever needed to connect multiple containers or cloud infrastructure across data centers and regions, you probably considered a service mesh such as Linkerd. So many companies now rely on Linkerd that its creators, Buoyant, released official commercial support to offer these clients the kind of service they need. Alongside this announcement, they also launched a new tool, Conduit, a lightweight service mesh specifically for Kubernetes.

Cloud 66 Introduces The Complete Container Delivery Pipeline

Cloud 66 announced additions to their container delivery pipeline, Skycap. Copper helps developers validate their Kubernetes configuration files, making continuous container builds more stable and reliable.

Iguazio Real-time Serverless Framework

Adding to the small but growing list of serverless framework options, Iguazio announced an Enterprise level, cloud-hosted version of their Nuclio framework optimized for real-time and data-driven applications.

Oracle Cloud adds Serverless Framework

In a constant push to grow their cloud presence, among other enhancements, Oracle added to the serverless landscape with their fn project. It’s container-based, can run on-premises or in the cloud, and supports every programming language, a claim I would love to investigate.

JFrog Introduces the Only Enterprise-Grade Go Repository

While the Go community has made attempts at package management options before with tools like dep, godep and govendor. The venerable JFrog artifactory has added support for enterprises looking to manage their dependencies across projects, leveraging the vgo packaging manager proposal.

The Cloud Native Foundation (CNCF) Grows and Matures

With over 4,000 attendees at KubeConf and now 200 members, the CNCF announced a new Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) program and a new training program for partners involved in delivering training programs.

Google Cloud Adds Improvements for Security and Monitoring

As one of the first Kubernetes hosts, Google’s container offering, GKE adds a couple of new features. Stackdriver for Kubernetes helps developers and ops monitor what is happening in the multiple layers of many modern Kubernetes-based applications, including logs, metrics, and inter-infrastructure events. As a perfect companion, the Cloud Security Command Center centralizes security alerts across GKE clusters to watch out for important issues from one location.

For more news, talks, and updates from the event, take a look at the conference website.

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