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"next Gen" Bookmarklet

With this code, create "next generation" bookmarklets.

The good points are that :
- the code is remotely loaded (so updatable and more simply testable)
- you have no length limitation 
- you can dispatch the code in various libaries

To disable the browser cache, we've added a random parameter in the the last javascript url. For performance, it's better to not disable the cache but it's very useful when testing.

baseurl = '';

var scripts = new Array(

baseurl + 'date.js',
baseurl + 'encoding.js',
baseurl + 'http.js',
baseurl + 'bookmarklet.js?x=' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 9999)


for (i=0;i

Past the code above in a bookmarklet crunchinator to generate the bookmarklet.

Not fully tested. It may have some issues.
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