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The modern software company needs to deliver consistently great customer experiences across devices. Enter Agile development processes.

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Whatever new awaits you, begin it here. In an entirely reimagined Jira. 

Great presentation by Angela Tucci, GM of Agile Management, Paul Pedrazzi, GM of Design, Scott Morrison, SVP and Design Engineer at CA Technologies, and Joe Farrell, Chief Product Officer at BiTE Interactive during the Built to Change Summit.

In The Application Economy, Experience Is Everything
  • Fact: 83% of U.S. consumers say having a positive customer experience with a brand is more important than the product itself.

  • Fact: 53% of large companies want to be customer experience leaders within three years.

  • Fact: 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load.

For companies to compete today, they must have an infusion of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism. Employees at large enterprises are not accustomed to being empowered to make real-time decisions; however, that's what it will take to succeed in the future. One key is bringing planning to execution with repeatable processes and automating as much as possible.

The modern software company needs to deliver experiences customers want from mobile to mainframe. This requires an Agile business that builds apps faster, at higher quality, with frictionless security and high performance.

So how do you create an Agile business? With microservices and APIs. Instantly design, build and orchestrate secure microservices. Use full lifecycle API management to efficiently plan, design, publish, secure, scale, consume and monitor APIs. This accelerates development and integration of mobile apps and IoT devices. Enterprises that make these transitions are seeing an ROI of 340% over a three-year period.

More agility is being driven into businesses. There are no more two-year road maps. Companies are forced to rethink how they operate. CIO's are sourcing IT technology through developers versus procurement because developers know what works and what they want to use to help them be more productive and build better applications.

The developer is newly empowered.

Digital experience is valued since it leads to faster innovation and getting secure apps to market quicker.

Live API creators help citizen developers instantly generate APIs so developers can get to business value faster with innovative applications that delight users.

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  

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