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NextReports 7.0 was released.

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NextReports 7.0 was released.

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 NextReports  has launched release 7.0 . With NextReports users can design excel-alike reports with a powerful and easy to use designer. To use such reports, a NextReports Server offers a lot of functionality like global centralization of reports, security, versioning, scheduling, dashboards, monitoring and many more.

This release brings a new HTML5 chart library to make integration with other OS (like Android) more fluid. The old flash support is kept for backward compatibility, in cases where still old browsers (with no HTML5 support) are used.

For version 7.0 you can have new chart types like horizontal stacked bars, bar-line combos and stacked bar-line combos. Also stacked bars can have now any style as simple bars: normal, glass, cylinder, parallelepiped, dome.

NextReports Designer improved the validation process of queries. Now all the queries from a report / chart are tested: main query, parameters queries, sub-reports queries. If an error occurs, this will be shown to user. Also a bulk replace functionality is possible to replace text (like changed column names & tables) in all selected files.

You can find more on NextReports  site.


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