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NextReports Designer 3.3 and NextReports Server 2.3

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NextReports Designer 3.3 and NextReports Server 2.3

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NextReports Suite released a new version.

NextReports Designer has some new features like :

  • multiple values support for parameters entered manually by user at runtime
  • a new property "hide when expression" which is used to  manage cell content (show /hide) or even entire rows if all cells from those are hidden. To learn about it, visit the blog.
NextReports Server contains new dashboard features like :
  • independent auto-refresh for any widget
  • widget detach which allows for full-screen zooming
  • link to used entity (report or chart)
To see all new features see designer release notes and server release notes. Also free online manuals are here and here .


What makes NextReports a very competitive reporting framework?

We can enumerate a few features here :

In-spreadsheet design

To create reports you will use a graphical user interface called layout which is easy to use as an excel spreadsheet. Instead of using pixel approach, layout is just a spreadsheet table. Reports can be created with auto columns size to extend to full page width or with manual columns size.

Parameter support

NextReports offers a better parameter support than other reporting frameworks.

  • Parameter values can be enter by user at runtime or can be taken from a 'source' , such source can be represented by all distinct values from a table column or by all values returned by an sql select.
  • Parameters can be chained by using one or more parameters inside other parameter's source
  • Parameters can auto-detect their type
  • Parameters have single or multiple selection.
  • Parameters can be mandatory or not.
  • Parameters can have default values which can be static or dynamic values.
  • Parameters can be hidden (not seen at runtime in user interface)
  • Parameters can be used inside procedures.

No need to compile reports

Reports are readable xml files that do not need a compilation step before running like other frameworks

Wide varierty of output formats

Reports can be exported in many formats like HTML, EXCEL, CSV, TSV, PDF, RTF, XML

Multi database compliant

Slide 5 .O {color:black; font-size:149%;} a:link {color:#7E9CE8 !important;} a:active {color:#669999 !important;} a:visited {color:#D8D8EC !important;}   NextReports supports most important databases used today : Oracle, MySql, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Derby.

Designer & Editor

NextReports has a powerful designer to create reports just with drag-and-drop actions, but it has also an SQL editor for experienced database developers to create their own sql queries or procedure calls.

Free engine

A very simple engine can be freely  used in any other application to run Next reports

Web 2.0 server

NextRepors Server  is used to centralize all company reports to a single repository. Server has features like : datasource management, reports&charts management, report scheduling, report&chart versioning, history, security, dashboards, monitoring.

Multi-engine server

Because any reporting framework has its qualities, NextReports Server wants to integrate more than one engine.There is no need to run different servers for running different types of reports. In current release,NextReports supports besides 'Next' reports, Jasper reports. Our framework allows for easy engine integration and in the near future we will integrate other engines.

Web Service

If you want to interact with the server, a web service allows you to add, upload, run reports and alot of other operations. NextReports Designer also uses this web service to publish / download reports directly from it allowing for a simpler and faster usage.

Other advantages

To enumerate a few : free manuals, video tutorials ; native installers for Windows and Linux and zip distribution for any operating system that supports Java 1.5+; no need to install third-party applications like other servers or tools; designer one-click backup & restore.

Visit us at www.next-reports.com  and try NextReports. Your feedback is well appreciated.



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