Nexus Launches into Mesosphere DC/OS

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Nexus Launches into Mesosphere DC/OS

With Nexus Repository, Sonatype delivers the first free Docker private registry for DC/OS users, plus artifact management for popular development languages.

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It was great talking with Derek Weeks, V.P. DevOps Advocate for Sonatype, regarding its announcement that Nexus Repository has received certification to run in Mesosphere DC/OS environments. 

Nexus Repository is the first to offer DC/OS users a free, private registry for Docker containers in addition to enterprise-scale artifact management for the most popular development languages. Nexus Repository offers a great way to organize, store, and distribute software components critical to DevOps and CI/CD toolchains.

Mesosphere DC/OS users can take advantage of one-click installation of Nexus Repository.  Where Mesosphere DC/OS provides a unified platform for container orchestration and data services automation, Nexus Repository brings the benefit of an enterprise-scale, private Docker registry.  The addition of Nexus Repository for DC/OS users means that entire Continuous Delivery toolchains can now be rapidly deployed on-premises and on the cloud. 

Mesosphere DC/OS users concerned with the security profile of their containerized applications can also take advantage of Sonatype’s Lifecycle Container Analysis, which enables software teams to quickly assess security at the application layer of the container.  

Capabilities with the repository healthcheck enable DevOps team members to get a report on the safety and security of the components of the repository, as well as those that have been downloaded most recently that have known security vulnerabilities. This enables DevOps to identify bad code prior to production when it is easier and less expensive to correct.

 “With more than 120,000 active installations and millions of users, Nexus is the repository manager of choice for many DevOps and CI/CD toolchains,” said Wayne Jackson, CEO of Sonatype. “Mesosphere DC/OS offers DevOps teams a great way to run containers and data services anywhere and Nexus Repository provides the best place to store containers.”

“Our goal when we started Mesosphere was to make it possible for all organizations to quickly deploy the best technology available at any scale,” said Florian Leibert, CEO and co-founder of Mesosphere. “The addition of Sonatype’s Nexus repository manager with free support as a private container registry will make it easier for Mesosphere DC/OS users to deliver applications faster without sacrificing quality or security.”

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