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Cloud-based Node.js IDE, Nide 0.2 Released: Now Native On Mac

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Cloud-based Node.js IDE, Nide 0.2 Released: Now Native On Mac

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Nide, the recently developed cloud IDE for Node.js, just received an upgrade.  Aside from the typical minor enhancements, the big news of the 0.2 release is that now the IDE can install just like a native Mac OS X application.

One of the most popular features of Nide is its Version Management, which includes side-by-side editing, frequent auto-saves, and a Revert button that allows you to change back to a previous save.

Here's some other features Nide already had:

  • Project Tree Display
  • Syntax Highlighted Code Editing for Multiple Programming Languages
  • OS X Lion-style Automatic Save
  • OS X Lion-style Version Management with Revert and Side-By-Side Editing Features
  • Real Time Project Tree Filtering (Using Regular Expressions)
  • NPM Integration (Display Currently Installed Packages, Add/Remove Packages, Automatically Update package.json)
  • HTTP Authentication (fro Running Nide on a Public Server)
  • Node.js Documentation Browsing


As you can see, Nide already had some pretty impressive features.  Here's what it got from the 0.2 Release:

  • Nide is now available as a native Mac application. The Mac app is still on a very early stage of development, so expect some hiccups.
  • You can now refresh the directory listing manually, through the gear menu.
  • You can now specify a host IP for listening via a command line option.
  • You can now specify a username and password for HTTP authentication.
  • Editor state (caret position, selection, scroll) is now preserved when switching between multiple files.
  • Numerous bug fixes.


The new release smooths out most of the issues Nide users have been dealing with, and also adds some new features that users are sure to love.  All in all, Nide appears to be a reliable cloud IDE for Node.js, and while it still isn't available for Windows, and the availability as a native Mac application is still in early development, Nide should see its popularity continue to increase.

Nide Screenshots

Main Interface

Source: http://coreh.github.com/nide/#screenshots


Source: http://coreh.github.com/nide/#screenshots

Node Package Manager

Source: http://coreh.github.com/nide/#screenshots


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