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Nigel Deakin on JMS 2

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Nigel Deakin on JMS 2

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The 131st episode of the Java Spotlight podcast features an interview with JMS 2 specification lead Nigel Deakin. JMS 2 is one of the key parts of the Java EE 7 platform and a long awaited update to the very popular API. Nigel talks with Roger Brinkley about the motivation for the JSR, the simplified API, the new features, MDB alignment, portable JMS resource definitions in Java EE 7, current status of the JSR as well as what's in the future.

You can listen to the full podcast here. It's really a great starting point for learning about JMS 2. You can certainly give the official specification a read yourself (the API recently had it's final release). At a hundred and fifty some pages, it is not too bad of a read and Nigel does a great job of summarizing the changes towards the beginning of the document in the section titled What is new in JMS 2.0?. You can also try the API out with a GlassFish promoted build.


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