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NightHacking Gosling Recording Wrap-up

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NightHacking Gosling Recording Wrap-up

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Finished the live stream with James Gosling this morning, and have posted it in all the usual places including the new NightHacking website and the Java Youtube channel. I ended up editing out a few small portions due to feedback in the audio recording, but overall it came out pretty good.

Here is an embedded player where you can view the video inline:

A big thanks to all the folks at Liquid Robotics who let me hang out in their facility this week and watch them go about their (very cool) business. It is awesome to see a practical application of the technology you are working hard to build and promote, and no one knows Java better than James.

I am stepping up my video schedule to have at least 1 new video each month with a stretch goal of 1 every 2 weeks. The next confirmed stop is at the J-Fall conference in a couple weeks where I will be interviewing several folks including Saskia who runs the Devoxx4Kids Netherlands event. To find out more about the schedule, you can follow my twitter handle

Or use the *secret* registration on the NightHacking website to get notified of new posts and events:

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