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 The JFrog team just came back from JavaOne a couple of weeks ago, at which we've demonstrated some of Artifactory's 2.3 coolest features under the slogan: "What You Build Is What You GET!". Most of the attraction naturally went to the "License-Control" add-on, which provides a revolutionary added-value to Artifactory users.

In today's world, Software industry and development managers face license violation issues on a daily basis, especially while using open-source tools. A lot of our users stated that: "OSS is great, but hard to control and standardize, it’s a real legal risk, it's hard to maintain software that contains OSS components and more…"

NOW, with the newly released Artifactory 2.3 – the solution is at your fingertips!

Bring 3rd Party Dependency License Control to Your Builds

The Artifactory team developed the "License-Control" add-on which allows users to manage 3rd party licenses and avoid license violations while distributing software.

This new feature gives you near real-time visibility and full control over what third-party licenses can be used in your Maven, Gradle and Ivy builds and in your final software distribution. Artifactory will analyze all dependencies used in your build and notify you immediately about any third party that violates your organization's license policy. You can define approved and unapproved licenses; manage optional license policies and export license reports as part of your build's Bill of Materials.

Artifactory's License-Control feature will help you gain all the open source advantages and benefits with no overhead on your developers and no risk to your organization!

Watch JFrog screencast to learn more about the License-Control add on:


Open Tool with no Vendor Lock-in

Today's development tools shouldn’t only provide a great user experience and a nice UI, it should also integrate with their ecosystem to ensure that the "tool-orchestra" is playing nice and smooth, while providing software developers a clean, easy and efficient way to work with them all. Furthermore, these tools should serve their users while helping them achieve their tasks and responsibilities.

Artifactory is a repository manager that proxies the remote public repositories, manage and distribute software artifacts. Artifactory features a tight integration with the major build tools (Maven, Ivy, Gradle) and CI servers (Hudson, TeamCity, Bamboo) which makes it the only OPEN and agnostic tool out-there, that keeps the developer's freedom to choose his tools and environment. Working trunk-to-trunk with the world's leading vendors, Artifactory is today's most popular repository manager in the Java community and beyond.

Watch JFrog screencasts to learn more about Artifactory tight integration with your development environment : Hudson CI , TeamCity or Bamboo.

Artifactory repository manager is an open-source tool which also offers Pro version and Cloud based repository.

Enjoy your build and may the frog be with you!


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