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A friend of mine went to a job interview today in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was situated at the other end of the city and given that there are 15 million inhabitants it was quite a long trip.

He was invited by the company to do an interview for the position of team leader for software development. The guy that was doing the interview however only wanted to discuss a position as developer for a pretty low salary. When I heard the story I couldn't believe that they made him go all the way and back for being offering a job they knew he wasn't interested in.

I've heard may similar stories over the years and I've had similar experiences. Some companies and many agencies just don't care. They show no respect for interviewees, for their skills, experience and talents. I hope you've only had good interviews in your career.

What we software developers seem to forget is that we can be in control if we want to. We're all member of the global syndicate for software developers. If we decide today that we won't go to interview anymore unless we get paid for it - like NotchUp does - then who will prevent us from doing that.

Let's take away their free lunch. Let's put an end their free ride. If we software developers can't be treated with respect then we won't do interviews anymore.

I live in Brussels, Belgium where many international institutions have their headquarters. Since 2003 when 10 East-European countries have joined the European Union Brussels has been flooded with workers from these countries. They've been hauled over by agencies who forget to tell them taxes in Belgium are very high as is the cost of living in and around Brussels. From the attractive gross salaries these people got little remained. Too bad for them, isn't it agencies?

All agencies in Brussels have bad reputations yet they keep doing what they do because nobody is protesting. Software development positions make up an important part of their business. If all software developers with five years of experience or more register on NotchUp and won't do interviews unless they get paid then all of us will be protected and agencies would be out of business.

I'm not affiliated with NotchUp in any way. I'm just tired of stupid companies and stupid agencies. Let's have things our way. Apply to join NotchUp today and get paid for doing interviews. Invite your friends and get 10% of the money they make with NotchUp.

Do it now.

Thanks and happy coding!


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