Node.js 4 is Stable: Merges io.js and Node

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Node.js 4 is Stable: Merges io.js and Node

Node.js v 4.0.0 stable is the first version of Node.js that merges major features from the io.js fork that nearly left Node.js behind.

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Just a year ago, there was a very real possibility that the newly-forked io.js project (forked from Node.js) would become the new center of the Universal JavaScript community, much like Jenkins eventually left the trademarked Hudson community it forked from behind (although after most had left, Hudson was given to the Eclipse Foundation).

Today the code of Node.js finally reflects the reconciliation between Joyent plus its Node.js supporters and the io.js community that had forked over issues of control over the project.  The independent Node Foundation now governs the direction of the Node.js project and it seems that the community has shifted back towards that project. You can see that today with the first stable release of Node.js 4.0.0, which combines major new features implemented by the io.js project and the original Node codebase.  

The version number skipped all the way to 4.0 mainly because of those significant changes merged from io.js 3.0.  Here are the three main highlights of this release:

  • Contains V8 v4.5, the same version of V8 shipping with current versions of Chrome

  • New ES6 features that are enabled by default

  • First-class support for ARM processors.

You can also take a look at the newly elected Node Foundation board members, announced just last week.

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