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Node.js: Be Careful, It Can Be Dangerous for You

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Node.js: Be Careful, It Can Be Dangerous for You

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Are you a small business owner or a passionate entrepreneur who wants to venture into software jungle? Do you dream at having a great web application or web site up and running in no time? Do you fancy your name on the Fortune 500? Do you plan to use a freelancing platform such as Elance or oDesk or any other kind? That is great, it means you are ready to invest your budget into building a magnificent piece of software. I admire you ... I really do. You are not a technical savvy but you are familiar with some acronyms and software philosophy? You heard about mighty Node.js and his “super duper” benefits? You heard about its non-blocking mechanism and its scalability? You heard how fast applications can be developed? Well... you heard well. But, here comes the painful 'but', Node.js can be really dangerous for your business, yes it can. That is not due to Node.js nature, but due to the abuses and developers lack of knowledge. Be extremely careful when you will choose the developer(s) who should accomplish your dream. To be honest, I strongly advise you, don't choose them by your self, get some one who really knows the ins and outs of software development process at least, if not the ins and outs of Node.js to do the recruiting for you. Believe me it will worth the effort on short and long term. This will spare you from having your fairy dream turned into a endless nightmare.

Do you know why Node.js can be so dangerous? Because most of JavaScript “kiddies” assume that knowing some basic JavaScript, some Jquery or some other library is enough in order to master Node.js. You can't imagine how wrong they are. Stay away from them, if don't want to waste your budget on something which will end up being redesigned or at best re-factored. If you end on that path, you will regret it a lot, you will spend even more money just to have your “boat” patched to avoid sinking. That's why I strongly recommend you to get only experienced developers, and when I say developers I am not referring at “coders”. Get some one who knows Node.js, software best practices and design patterns. What? You though that those do not apply to JavaScript? Well, they do, software best practices and design patterns do apply to JavaScript in same manner as they apply to any other programming language and framework: .NET, Java, Python and so on. I wish you all the best on your journey and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will not be another victim in software jungle.


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