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Nominations for Eclipse Community Awards 2010

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Nominations for Eclipse Community Awards 2010

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What do the following people have in common?  Ed Burnette, Linda Watson, Alain Magilore, Chris Aniszczyk, Kimberley Peter,  Tim Schindl, Ed Merks, Dainel Megert, Remy Chi Suen, Eric Rizzo,  Nick Boldt, Paul Webster,  and Benjamin Cabe.

Or the following products: Gumtree, Lombardi TeamWorks, RadRails, BEA Worksship Studio, Jigsaw Interactive, PSICAT, Tibco Business Studio, eclipse-cs Checkstyle, QNX Momentics, JPMorgan Chase, Wind River Workbench, EclEmma, Cyrano, XMIND, MyTourbook, Instantiations WindowBuilder Pro, Acceleo, ProSys mBedded Server, ModuleFusion, CHord Scate Generator and Apache Directory Studio.

Answer:  They are all past winners of an Eclipse Community Award.  Since 2006 we have recognized some of the leading individuals and products that make Eclipse a great community.

At EclipseCon 2010, we will once again announce the winners of the Eclipse Community Awards.   Nominations for both the Individual Awards, Project Awards and Technology Awards close end of day Friday, January 29.  We already have great  individuals, projects and products nominated but please take the time now to recognize who you feel has made a difference this pass year.

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