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Nordic NightHacking Tour Schedule

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With the trip coming up in a week, I figured it was about time to put the full event itinerary in one place. For this I created a public Nordic NightHacking Google Calendar containing all of the events along with links to sign-up.

All the events will be streamed-live, so you can participate from the comfort of your office/living-room. Some of the features I am adding this time around to make watching sessions more enjoyable include:
* Low-bandwidth option – All talks are going to be streamed at full resolution (480/720p) as well as 240p in case you are watching over a phone or low-bandwidth connection.
* Realtime chat – The social stream stuff is cute, but not the same as realtime chat, so I added an IRC-based chat option in the UStream broadcast. Feel free to use both, but I know where the hecklers will be hanging out. ;)
* And some special guest appearances – I have a few special guests lined up for JFokus, including James Gosling and the Java Posse, so please watch out for these!

If you happen to be in Iceland, Gothenburg, or Malmo, there are free JUG events organized for all those cities; please click on the event details to register. I am working on similar events for Oslo, Copenhagen, and Tallinn, so stay tuned. Also, if you want to join me for snowmobiling in Turku, or hang out in Iceland or Tallinn on the weekend, ping me on my contact form.

The following schedule and full details of the tour are available on the NightHacking site:

Special thanks to AppleMan-K83 for use of his Lego Snowmobile pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32870260@N04/7996880922/in/photostream

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