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NoSQL for Some Tasks, MySQL for Others

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 There is a huge amount of buzz around NOSQL, and we at ScaleBase are happy to see companies making the move to NOSQL. Despite what some people might think, we consider it a blessed change. It is time for applications to stop having a single data store – namely a relational database (probably Oracle) – and start using the best tool for the job.

In the last couple of years, since NOSQL technologies broke into our world, a lot of experience has been gathered on how to use them. Mainly, we see NoSQL technologies used for one of the following scenarios:

  • Queries that require a very short response time
  • Storing data without a well-defined schema, or storing data with a frequently modified schema

Now, I’m not in any way saying that NOSQL solutions are not used for other scenarios as well; I’m only saying that from our experience here at ScaleBase ,  these are the most common scenarios.

Other needs, like data backup, complex joins queries, consistent data storage – all are still being delivered by relational databases.

So the implementation is along the lines of a hybrid model – NOSQL for some tasks, MySQL (or other database, but MySQL is by far the most popular) for others.

ScaleBase is determined to assist in the relational database part of the problem, letting it scale and perform – just as the NOSQL side can scale and perform by itself (and frankly it can scale and perform very well, as this was the original requirement for most NOSQL solutions).

As NOSQL solutions grow in popularity and use, I expect we’ll see “design patterns” pop up – when to use relational databases and when to use NOSQL solutions (and of course – which one). For now, if you’re architecting your new web application/SaaS solution or social game – try to learn from the architectures of existing sites. You can get some at http://highscalability.com , and others at http://nosql.mypopescu.com/.

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Published at DZone with permission of Liran Zelkha. See the original article here.

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