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NoSQL Week in Review #5

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NoSQL Week in Review #5

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In case you've been distracted by all of the election fervor and not keeping up-to-date on your NoSQL news, we've put together a list of this week's goings-on in the world of NoSQL.

New Releases This Week:

HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, free open-source data storage mechanism. Geared toward modern applications with complex and evolving domain models, it is suitable for semantic web, artificial intelligence, social networking or regular object-oriented business applications.
This release contains numerous bug fixes and improvements over the previous 1.1 release. A fairly complete list of changes can be found at the Changes for HyperGraphDB, Release 1.2 wiki page.
  1. Introduction of a new HyperNode interface together with several implementations, including subgraphs and access to remote database peers. The ideas behind are documented in the blog post HyperNodes Are Contexts.
  2. Introduction of a new interface HGTypeSchema and generalized mappings between arbitrary URIs and HyperGraphDB types.
  3. Implementation of storage based on the BerkeleyDB Java Edition (many thanks to Alain Picard and Sebastian Graf!). This version of BerkeleyDB doesn't require native libraries, which makes it easier to deploy and, in addition, performs better for smaller datasets (under 2-3 million atoms).
  4. Implementation of parametarized pre-compiled queries for improved query performance. This is documented in the Variables in HyperGraphDB Queries blog post.

This Week's Top 5 NoSQL Links:

1.     Algorithm of the Week: Minimum Spanning Tree
Here’s a classical task on graphs. We have a group of cities and we must wire them to provide them all with electricity. Out of all possible connections we can make, which one is using minimum amount of wire.

2.     Scala-Powered Streaming Migrations in MongoDB on Millions of Records
Quite a number of our collections at work could be called “huge” and we sometimes have to migrate data from one schema to another one, or perform some statistics on the entire collection.

3.     A Solution to the Supernode Problem
In graph theory and network science, a “supernode” is a vertex with a disproportionately high number of incident edges.

4.     [video] Trisha Gee & Stephen Chin 'NightHacking' with the MongoDB Java Driver
Stephen Chin from Oracle visited me at the 10gen offices as part of his NightHacking tour. In the video we talk about JavaOne, Devoxx, and I do some very basic hacking using the MongoDB Java driver.

5.     Get the Full Neo4j Power by using Core Java API instead of Cypher
I was wondering what is the most efficient way of querying against a neo4j data base. So I did a Benchmark with quite surprising results.

New NoSQL Books This Week:

Programming Node.js

by Travis Swicegood

Programming Node.js is the developer's premier guide to Node.js, teaching you how to use the toolkit provided and introducing you to the Node.js landscape. This book starts off with a survey of the concepts of Node.js before diving into the deep end and building a real application to solve a real problem.

Over the course of this book you'll learn how to take a Node application from its inception all the way through releasing a project. From building simple command line tools, to custom HTTP servers, to dealing with databases, Programming Node.js teaches you not only Node's APIs, but how to think in Node.

Upcoming Webinars

Getting Started with Couchbase App Development 

Wednesday November 14 - 10 AM PST

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to setup your development environment
  • JSON document and document database basics
  • How Couchbase Operations work
  • How to model your documents, including examples

Thanks for reading! Join us next week--same NoSQL time, same NoSQL place!

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