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NoSQL Week in Review #6

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NoSQL Week in Review #6

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MariaDB TX, proven in production and driven by the community, is a complete database solution for any and every enterprise — a modern database for modern applications.

Been distracted for whatever reason and haven't been keeping up with your NoSQL news? That's all right, we've got you covered. Here we've put together a list of this week's best NoSQL articles, news, links, and more!

New Releases This Week: 


CodernityDB is an open-source, pure Python (no 3rd party dependency), fast (really fast check Speed if you don’t believe us), multiplatform, schema-less, NoSQL database. It has optional support for HTTP server version (CodernityDB-HTTP), and also Python client library (CodernityDB-PyClient) that aims to be 100% compatible with embedded version.

Key features:

  • Native Python database
  • Multiple indexes
  • Fast (more than 50 000 insert operations per second see Speed for details)
  • Embedded mode (default) and Server, with client library that aims to be 100% compatible with embedded one.
  • Easy way to implement custom Storage (see Example storages)

This Week's Top 5 NoSQL Links:

1.  Algorithm of the Week: Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree
One of the two main algorithms in finding the minimum spanning tree algorithms is Kruskal's algorithm

2.  The NoSQL Landscape in Diagrams
Here’s the NoSQL landscape in 3 slides (and hey, at least mine looks different :) )

3.  Integration Testing with MongoDB & Spring Data
If you are working with MongoDB, there’s a cool and easy way to do your unit tests, with almost the simplicity of writing a unit test with mocks with ‘EmbedMongo’.

4.  Consensus Protocol
These posts I came across give a great explanation on the shortcomings of 2-phase commit when it comes to failures and also of 3-phase commit, which handles well one type of failure (fail-stop).

5.  Working with MongoDB using Kundera
In this tutorial, we’ll use below e-mail and attachment entities as our data model and perform Crud operations using Kundera.

New NoSQL Books This Week:

MongoDB for VB.NET by Example

by Agus Kurniawan

Code illustration for MongoDB programming using VB.NET (2012). Book topics cover:

  •  Development Environment
  •  Connecting to MongoDB
  •  Create and Delete Database
  •  Create, Read and Delete Database Collection
  •  Create, Read, Update and Delete Collection Data
  •  Finding and Querying Data
  •  Binary and Image Collection Data
  •  Working with GridFS
  •  Embedded Document
  •  LINQ

Upcoming Webinars

Building your first Java Application with MongoDB (EMEA)

Tuesday November 21 - 8 AM EST / 1 PM UTC

This talk will introduce how to build your first Java application with MongoDB by walking you through how one can build a simple location-based application. The talk will cover the basics of MongoDB's document model, query language, aggregation framework and deployment architecture. New features, fixes and improvements in the latest release will also be covered.

Thanks for reading! Join us next week--same NoSQL time, same NoSQL place!

MariaDB AX is an open source database for modern analytics: distributed, columnar and easy to use.


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