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NoSQL Week in Review #8

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NoSQL Week in Review #8

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Welcome to the eighth installment of NoSQL Week in Review, where we aggregate all the best NoSQL links, articles, and news from the past week so you don't have to. Let's get to it!

Interesting Reads:

MongoQP: MongoDB Slow Query Profiler

Two times a year 10gen’s Drivers and Innovations team gather together for a face to face meeting to work together and setting goals for the upcoming six months. This year the team broke up into teams for an evening hackathon. MongoQP, a query profiler, was one of the hacks presented by Jeremy Mikola, PHP Evangelist at 10gen.

Couchbase Encounters: November 2012

Some items from the Couchbase ecosystem that you might not have seen.

This Week's Top 5 NoSQL Links:

1.     Algorithm of the Week: Longest Increasing Subsequence
A very common problem in computer programming is finding the longest increasing (decreasing) subsequence in a sequence of numbers (usually integers). Here's a practical way to do so.

2.     Debugging “object has no properties” in a MongoDB map/reduce
You got to love debugging JavaScript errors. Here’s an interesting one from a MongoDB map/reduce and how to resolve it.

3.     Running Cassandra 1.2-beta on JDK 7 w/ Mac OSX
The latest greatest Cassandra (1.2-beta) now uses snappy-java for compression. Unfortunately for now, Cassandra uses version of snappy-java. That version of snappy-java doesn't play well with JDK 7 on Mac OSX.

4.     Real-Time Twitter Heat Map with MongoDB
Tweets basically offer two “layers” of information. The second layer is metadata. This metadata can be leveraged to experience data from Twitter in a lot of exciting new ways!

5.     Graph Connect 2012: The role of NoSQL and Graphs in the Total Data Management 
This presentation examines the drivers behind the rise of NoSQL data stores and, in particular graph databases, focusing on their use-cases and adoption trends, and exploring where graph database fit in the world of NoSQL, NewSQL, and big data.

Upcoming Webinars

Simplifying Persistence for Java and MongoDB 

Thursday December 13th 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm UTC

Jeff Yemin, an engineering manager at 10gen, will host a webinar covering the design and major features of Morphia, an Object Document Mapper (ODM) for Java and MongoDB. This webinar will start with a short introduction to MongoDB and the various options for building MongoDB applications on the JVM before taking a deep dive into Morphia. Morphia will be presented as an extended example format that demonstrates, for each feature, the domain model, a test driver, and the results as they appear in MongoDB.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!


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