Notes from Eclipse Democamp in Dallas, Texas

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Notes from Eclipse Democamp in Dallas, Texas

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I am late writing this blog since the democamp actually occurred last monday and it is now a week later.  I know my memory is a bit faulty, but I wanted to jot a few notes on things that stood out to me.

* Pulse is a cool tool that I really need to take the chance to learn and leverage.  I think its ability to generate profiles is a killer app for a Eclipse developer like myself, since I need to switch between versions of Eclipse often.  The stuff about being able to provision a workspace should be of great use on my next project.  I mean talking to Mr.Williams about the feature convinces me that it is what you want Eclipse Teamsets and exported settings to be.

* You know you should really hold a democamp in a place that has an internet connection.  I mean BJ's Brewhouse is a fine enough choice, but no wireless?  I wonder how long it will be that any restaurant that has a meeting room will put in wireless internet, it is really starting to become necessary.  Todd Williams from Genuitec had a devil of a time demoing what appears to be a really cool product, Pulse.  The trouble is that Pulse is based on the Eclipse P2 provisioning platform, which is meant to attend to the Update Manager's legion of flaws.  So without an internet connection, there aint alot to demo is there?  I think Chris Aniszczyk must have thought of this since the Austin Democamp will be held at Nokia's offices near Stubb's BBQ.  Btw, nice choice Chris, Stubb's is an Austin landmark.  I would have chosen to do Chuy's or the Hula Hut somehow, but hey, Stubb's is pretty damn cool too.

* I need to come up with a set of cool example scripts so that people get why a monkey scripting tool is so cool.  This is a problem of my own making, I see the advantage, particularly coming from the Eclipse plugin development side of the fence, but there aren't that many Eclipse plugin developers.  Any help in this arena would be most appreciated.  I don't want to see the blank stares again when I goto Eclipse Day at the Googleplex or do the Austin Democamp later on this month.



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