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Nothin' But .NET Baby!

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Nothin' But .NET Baby!

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So why do the Java developers get all the attention on DZone?  Well sure DZone has roots in Java, but we've been in the .NET game for some time now.  And it's time for the .NET community to show it's pride and join the conversation happening among all enterprise developers.  

Did you know that C# was 5th place in a poll about the programming languages DZone audience members would want to know if they could only pick 3?  It beat out languages like PHP, C, and Ruby. 

Yes, our .NET community is stronger than ever before, with great refcardz on C# (By John Skeet) and ADO.NET.  And now the content in our well-curated .NET Zone is going to be even more purified for the benefit of enterprise developers who use C#, SQL Server, SharePoint, F#, and more.  You won't have to wade through any Windows Azure articles (you can find those in the Cloud Zone!) or Windows Phone tutorials (you can find those in the Windows Phone Zone!)

Nothin' But .NET.  That's our new motto.

So whether you're joining the .NET fold, or you're a veteran programmer working at one of the world's many .NET shops, you'll find exactly what is interesting and relevant to you. 

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So bring your interest in C#, ASP.NET, SQL SharePoint, non-mobile Silverlight, and more to our .NET Zone - The community for programmers who use .NET technologies day in and day out.  Add the .NET Zone to your RSS or visit the homepage frequently to keep up on the latest developments and discussions on .NET.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!  Look for our tweets tagged #dotnet.

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