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Now Available: Version 1.1.1 of the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance

IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance 1.1.1

The new version of the appliance features support for the IBM z/VM hypervisor platform. This means you can now leverage WebSphere CloudBurst to create, deploy, and manage your virtualized WebSphere application environments on VMware ESX, IBM PowerVM, and IBM z/VM infrastructure. Better yet, the complexities of setting up these environments on the underlying infrastructure, regardless of the type, are encapsulated in the appliance and the IBM Hypervisor Edition virtual images shipped with the appliance.

What does that mean? It means that once you setup your cloud, you can use a single web interface to build, provision, and manage your virtualized WebSphere application environments in a consistent manner, regardless of the type of the target infrastructure. It also means that you do not have to be an expert in configuring WebSphere on multiple different operating system environments because WebSphere CloudBurst and the IBM Hypervisor Edition images come equipped with that intelligence.

If you have not heard of WebSphere CloudBurst and you develop, deploy, or administer middleware applications, check it out now. Heard about the appliance, but want to learn more about the new 1.1.1 release? You can read the release announcement here.



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