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Is Now The Best Time To Be A Software Developer?

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Is Now The Best Time To Be A Software Developer?

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For those of us in software development, it's easy to think that unless we've created an amazing startup, that we don't really matter. If you need a confidence boost, why not read "The Rise of Developeronomics", written by Venkatesh Rao for Forbes.

In the article Venkatesh states that:

    "The one absolutely solid place to store your capital today — if you know how to do it –  is in software developers’ wallets. If the world survives looming financial apocalypse dangers at all, this is the one investment that will weather the storms. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a corporation, or what corner of the world you inhabit. You need to find a way to invest in software developers."


    "The world is your oyster, which you with your developer will open."

There is no doubt that this is the golden age for software development. It's worth stating that thanks to the dot com bubble bursting, this time around we're a wiser, more mature industry. To those who think mobile application development is a repeat of the dot com craziness, there's one big difference - there is a demand for the apps and services that software developers are providing now.  

Keep Yourself Sharp

Venkastesh talks about the The Lifecycle of Software Talent, something I've often wondered about. As software developers age, they tend to find it harder to switch technologies. Does that sound like you? Well, then you need to fall into the really talented category, who "retain an evergreen ability to reinvent themselves around the latest, youngest technology layer, seemingly at will."

I've got to admit that I've stuck mostly with Java in my industry experience. But the quote above is yet another wake up call, that developers need to be adaptable. Sure, I've done some C, C++, Objective-C, but it's probably time to broaden things.

(Aside: it seems that Javascript never goes away, so if you're going to stick to one language, I'd put my money on that!)

Good Press For Software Developers

It's great to see software developers get good press in mainstream publications. And I can see this happening a lot more in the coming years. "The Social Network" made being a programmer cool (at least I thought it did). The increasing amount of press that Android and iOS announcements get these days, should be making people realise that:

"We are only just beginning to understand how software is now the core function of every company, no matter what it makes or what service it actually provides."

With so many software based startup, as well as the giants we all know continuing to expand, is this really the best time to be a software developer?

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