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NuoDB Has a Theme, and It's You

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NuoDB Has a Theme, and It's You

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We noticed recently that there’s been a consistently high number of downloads of NuoDB for the Windows platform.  Go figure, right?  Taking that to heart, we decided to put ourselves in the shoes of our Windows developers.  What became clear is that there was plenty of opportunity for us to improve our support for your efforts.  The NuoDB 1.1 Starlings release reflects this acknowledgement and I wanted to give you a brief sneak peek here of what’s in store.

For starters, we’re releasing our ADO .NET driver from Beta to Generally Available, as NuoDB native protocol and open source.  It comes with LINQ and Entity Framework support because they can significantly cut your data access development time, as well as make maintenance far easier.  We thought you might also appreciate having new Visual Studio 2012, ASP, C#, and VB w/ MSDEV IDE support.  Yep, it’s all there.

The icing on this cake of commitment, is that we’ve executed a comprehensive and complete port to Windows 64 bit, bringing greater scalability and performance to the NuoDB Windows package.  Even better, we’ll continue to provide both a 32 bit client and ODBC driver as well.  To round out platform support, we’ve ensured compatibility with Windows Azure.  ”Wait,” you say, “with NuoDB 1.1 running on Azure, does this mean I don’t have to endure the torture of database sharding contortions, and Federation high drama, to make my SQL Server database scale and perform?”  Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what you said.  However, if you know how easy it is to spin up new resources and scale with your NuoDB database, then it had to be something along those lines, because you’ve already seen how a pluggable database can work.  Yes, we think it’s really cool too.

In addition to the great Microsoft-themed updates, I should also mention that there’s plenty in here for every developer, because we know how to find ‘opportunity’ in everyNuoDB release.  For instance, we’ve resolved over 120 product issues and have made some performance improvements that are nothing to sneeze at… 20-50% improvement for insert heavy workloads, and analytic style queries that are 2-3x faster!  Keeping with this theme of performance, our team has added some nice features for analyzing query performance, via the use of new SYSTEM tables. We’re also planning to describe how well our cloud database can do with the DBT-2 benchmark, and will release a version of that benchmark that works with NuoDB, so keep a look out for it.

Alongside the 1.1 release, we’re introducing our new Developer Center website.  Its sole intent is to put the things developers care about front and center, in a bare metal, easy to navigate framework.  We’ve also integrated the NuoDB Web Consoleinto this framework to provide a seamless experience, whether you’re managing your database(s) or exploring the resources at your disposal.  While you’re there, you might also notice:

  • We’re introducing a new Storefront Demo App + Scale-out Benchmark, using Javascript, Java, and Hibernate
  • The new SQL Explorer will be fully integrated into the Web Console, with SQL auto-completion and context sensitive help
  • NuoDB Quickstart will be browser-based, using a more broad data schema and data set
  • Our Product Documentation will be available in an online and open Confluence Wiki
  • The NuoDB Migrator command line will be in Beta and packaged with the product

We hope you’re as excited as we are for NuoDB 1.1 to be released. In software development, and behind most anything worth doing, there’s got to be some inspiration – no matter the form. For the challenges on our plate to be there, we need to be able to expect that they’re there for good reason, and knowing that our fellow developers were just that… well, that was motivation enough.  If you’re building great stuff (of course you are), are using or want to use NuoDB, then please tell us about it. Tell us what does or doesn’t work for you, and how we can make your experience as a developer even better. Thank you!


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