Nvidia Announces AndroidWorks to Aid Android Game Devs

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Nvidia Announces AndroidWorks to Aid Android Game Devs

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Nvidia usually connotes quality graphics cards, but lately Nvidia has extended beyond PC hardware. Beginning with the SHIELD tablet a few years ago, the company delved into Android gaming as well, a trend that continued with the recent launch of the SHIELD Android TV. They’ve now reached into Android game development, with the announcement of AndroidWorks, a conglomeration of dev tools.

Like GameWorks, AndroidWorks provides developers a vast collection of libraries and tools to create awesome looking games. Notably, GameWorks stirred controversy, with allegations that it sabotaged performance in “The Witcher 3.” In a blog post announcing AndroidWorks, Senior Director of Developer Technology Tools Sebastien Domine explicated that although the suite is based on Nvidia’s Tegra Android Developer Pack, it is indeed intended for use creating games for any Android, not just Tegra-powered devices. There are even integrations with software like Microsoft Visual Studio.

The introduction of AndroidWorks is excellent news for Android game developers, as phones and tablets become more powerful, thus better suited to gaming. Additionally, microconsoles like the aforementioned SHIELD Android TV have begun invading the living room as gaming and entertainment gadgets. Ports of titles like “Doom 3: BFG Edition,” “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” and “Half –Life 2” populate the game store, as well as countless originals. With the popularity of Android gaming, which ranges from simple freemium hits like “Clash of Clans,” to ports of AAA titles, or indie hits, mobile game development is a budding sector. It’s no surprise that Nvidia tapped into development in addition to hardware. Undoubtedly, more companies will follow suit, offering their own Android dev packages.

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