NVIDIA Announces Notebook GTX 980

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NVIDIA Announces Notebook GTX 980

NVIDIA recently announced laptop versions of the GTX 980. It's big news, and further closes the gap between mobile and desktop hardware.

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When it comes to hardware, manufacturers are constantly trying to pack more and more powerful components into smaller form factors. My tablet now has a more powerful CPU than the laptop I had during university. In the gaming world especially, debates rage on over consoles and PCs. Even within the PC realm, there’s the laptop vs. desktop discourse. Recently, NVIDIA announced the epic news of laptop-capable GTX 980 GPUs.

NVIDIA’s flagship GTX 980 delivers phenomenal graphics performance, and ranks among the elite GPUs capable of playing “The Witcher III” maxed out on Ultra (1080p, 60 FPS). Usually, high-end mobile GPUs carry an “M” in their name, designating them as mobile versions of beefy GPUs. However, NVIDIA made several tweaks, allowing the 980 to run in select gaming laptops. This closes the gap between mobile and desktop ecosystems, albeit at a presumably premium price tag.

The laptop iteration of the GTX 980 boasts a slew of neat features. According to Hothardware.com, the notebook 980 will have extensive fan controls, and is overclock friendly. However, we all know that better specs aren’t really that important: what matters is what “better performance” translates to in the real world. Reportedly, the laptop 980 is more than qualified to run multiple monitors and even VR headsets.

NVIDIA cramming a GTX 980 into notebooks marks a new era in hardware, which should satisfy not only gamers, but developers as well. Game developers and designers require powerful GPUs, and a full 980 means a fairly future proof laptop. Especially with the demanding nature of VR headsets, developers need hardware able to match their development environments.

Currently, the list of laptop offerings includes entries from the likes of MSI, Clevo, and ASUS. 

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