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OBJECT_DEFINITION and sp_rename [Snippet]

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OBJECT_DEFINITION and sp_rename [Snippet]

View this short article that includes a code snippet of an interesting quirk of sp_rename.

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Today, I found an interesting quirk of sp_rename: renaming a view, stored procedure, function, or trigger will not update the object's definition that is returned by the OBJECT_DEFINITION function. This is documented, but I think it might take people by surprise.


So, if you first create the following view:

CREATE VIEW dbo.InitialViewName
FROM dbo.SampleTable

Then, you update its name:

EXEC sp_rename 'InitialViewName', 'UpdatedViewName'

Now, when you get the view's definition:


The result might surprise you

CREATE VIEW dbo.InitialViewName  AS  SELECT        Id  FROM            dbo.SampleTable

Notice it's still InitialViewName. So, if you use the OBJECT_DEFINITION in your SQL scripts, you better stick to dropping and re-creating these objects.

MariaDB AX is an open source database for modern analytics: distributed, columnar and easy to use.

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