Object Storage With With Alibaba Aliyun Cloud [Video]

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Object Storage With With Alibaba Aliyun Cloud [Video]

Move over AWS, Azure, and GCP—Alibaba Cloud is spreading its wings. Watch this 10-minute video to learn how to get started with object storage in Alibaba.

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In this video, we will quickly go through how to get started with Alibaba Aliyun Cloud's Object Storage Service offering. We will also learn about managing buckets and objects with the Alibaba Cloud Portal.


Quick Overview

One of the storage offerings from Alibaba Aliyun Cloud is Object Storage Services (OSS). It helps in storing large objects, backups, and many cool features that you pay only for upon use. Watch the following video to learn more about OSS. 


I hope you have learned about some new cloud storage offerings from this up-and-coming giant vendor. I would recommend giving it a try with free registration and deep-diving into this product.

Thank you! Happy cloud learning!

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