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Objectivity Announce CDO Model Repository Store Plug-in

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Objectivity Announce CDO Model Repository Store Plug-in

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Objectivity, Inc. today announced the availability of their Eclipse Connected Data Objects (CDO) Model Repository store plug-in, to be distributed through Eclipse.org  starting March 22.  The CDO Objectivity store gives the Eclipse community simple, pluggable access to their high-performance, distributed, scalable, NoSQL data solution, with significantly less development time and effort.

The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is the popular development and modeling platform used by Java developers and the open source community to build tools and applications based on a structured data model. The CDO is a distributed shared model framework for EMF models and meta models that can easily leverage a variety of pluggable technologies.

"Developers using EMF and CDO today could potentially port their existing applications over to the CDO Objectivity store within minutes, immediately gaining distributed data capabilities, high-performance persistence and incredible scalability," said Ibrahim Sallam, Objectivity software architect, and Eclipse CDO Team Committer. "Through CDO, developers can also enhance existing models while significantly reducing the learning curve around the Objectivity/DB API by at least 90%."

Objectivity CEO and President, Jay Jarrell also noted:

"This is a significant step in our support of the Eclipse community, enabling application developers to build and deploy increasingly complex and mission-critical systems while greatly reducing barriers for the enterprise." Jarrell continued, "the CDO Objectivity store supports the increasingly complex requirements of leading edge developers and organizations, while also reducing the learning curve often associated with comprehensive data management technologies."

With the Eclipse CDO Objectivity store, developers can use their EMF data models and build complete prototypes often within hours. The Eclipse Framework helps organizations avoid vendor lock-in, save significant development time and resources, and easily run side-by-side tests and comparative benchmarks, switching between data components in minutes.

Objectivity opens the door to innovation, enabling high performance and scalability on big data. Objectivity/DB is the high performance, scalable, distributed NoSQL data management solution, and the Objectivity CDO enables the Eclipse community to easily leverage these benefits to manage big data in real time.

The technology is not only capable of ingesting tens of thousands of objects per second, but could also help the estimated 55% of Eclipse applications currently using mySQL or Oracle to perform significantly more complex operations, including many-to-many joins and traversal of vast graphs across large distributed and cloud infrastructures, often in milliseconds - instead of hours or days.
Objectivity's Eclipse CDO store plug-in will also be demonstrated for the first time at EclipseCon 2010, being held in Santa Clara, California, March 22nd - 25th. Event attendees are encouraged to visit Objectivity representatives at booth #14 of the Exposition Hall.

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