OCI and DZone Present Grails Quickcast #4: Angular Scaffolding

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OCI and DZone Present Grails Quickcast #4: Angular Scaffolding

DZone is proud to partner with Object Computing, Inc. to bring you the Grails Quickcast series. In this Quickcast, you'll learn about building a web app in Angular with Grails Angular Scaffolding.

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Today we bring you a new Grails Quickcast, where Grails Core Team Member James Kleeh brings together Grails and Angular. In less than ten minutes, you’ll learn how to use Grails to build a simple reactive site in Angular.js. The Grails Quickcast is brought to you from OCI and DZone. You can get more Grails info at grailsblog.ociweb.com.

This Quickcast walks you through using the Angular Scaffolding for Grails to build a fully functional web app, using a simple blog format for demonstration. The tutorial explains how to have Grails set up a REST endpoint and all the Angular modules needed to get the web app running.

The video is a short and simple way to show how easy it is to build an Angular.js web app with Grails and the Angular Scaffolding. You can easily follow along as well and try it out yourself–the full demo is available at the repo at https://github.com/grails-samples/angular-scaffolding-31x.

For this Quickcast, you’ll need a basic understanding of Grails, Gradle, and Angular.js.

AngularQuickcast from DZone on Vimeo.

Grails makes it easy to generate an Angular application in no time.

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