October 2011 News Update from NetBeans User Group Serbia

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October 2011 News Update from NetBeans User Group Serbia

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NetBeans User Group Serbia, in co-operation with JUG JavaSvet and the local Oracle office, joined efforts in building up the Java and NetBeans community in Serbia. They started this initiative together at OpenIT, a local IT event organised by international student organisation AIESEC at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia. 

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On Wednesday 26th October, Ljiljana Krkic from Oracle Serbia, gave a presentation about ThinkQuest, the international competition that challenges students to solve problems using technology. Right after the presentation, many students signed up in teams to participate in the competition.

After that, Igor Spasic from JavaSvet and Zoran Sevarac from NetBeans Group Serbia talked about open source and Java community and the opportunities to get involved. They outlined the main benefits for students participating in open source development, to be learning about specific applications and technologies, and gaining experience with tools and teamwork which will be a big advantage once they start looking for jobs.


On Friday 28th October, NetBeans User Group Serbia presented their activities, NetBeans Platform trainings and open source projects, to students and 70 new students (!) signed up for the upcoming trainings. That's twice more than the last year!



Altogether, it was a great experience. Community groups and the university started working together with official Oracle support and we belive that this initiative will really push forward the NetBeans and Java communities in Serbia.

We'll continue with events like this and next we need to get some local companies involved...





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