October in IoT: Cameras, Google, and RPis

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October in IoT: Cameras, Google, and RPis

The past month in IoT has seen, as always, a number of cool projects for Raspberry Pi tinkerers, exciting smart home news about Google, and bringing AI into the mix.

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It's a pretty decent mix of interesting content this month! Not a ton about the Industrial Internet, but plenty of love for hobbyists who want to tool around with Raspberry Pis! We've got a couple of interesting camera-related projects to consider (plus AI thrown into the mix in one of them), home automation tutorials, and an interesting look at the smart home war brewing between Amazon and Google.

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. How to Add Alexa to a Raspberry Pi, by Kseniya Savitsina. Want to link Alexa with a Raspberry Pi (or any Linux device)? Well, a new open source project has made the jump, allowing you to communicate through your device.
  2. Real-Time Processing and Edge Computing: The End of the Cloud? by Daniel Kadvany. Let's talk about the limits of cloud computing, how edge computing has stepped up into the IoT space, and how the two technologies can work together.
  3. Real-Time TensorFlow Camera Analysis With Sensors, by Tim Spann. Check out a sample architecture and a MiniFi script designed to bring TensorFlow's analytical capabilities to a Raspberry Pi camera.
  4. Home Automation Using IoT, by Hardik Shah. This comprehensive guide to IoT and home automation covers commonly used architectures, platforms, sensors, and prototyping techniques.
  5. MuleSoft With IoT: LEDs and a Raspberry Pi, by Ashish Goyal. See how you can use MuleSoft's Anypoint and Runtime engines can work for your IoT apps. This simple blinky app demonstrates its capabilities while incorporating Twitter.

IoT Around the Web

Alexa on the Go

Jeff Blankenburg says he does a lot of traveling with his Echo. So, how does he keep Alexa safe? Accessories, of course! Here are the cases and other bits he says he can't go without when he's on the road (not to mention tips for entertainment along the way).

CCTV and Raspberry Pis

Why should governments and businesses have all the fun of setting up security cameras with closed-circuit TV systems? Here's how you can use a Raspberry Pi Zero W to create a security camera with all sorts of nifty functionalities you can configure.

Google vs. Amazon: In Your House

While almost no one will get the WWF pay-per-view reference in that sub-header, the important part is that Google is prepping to launch a product to counter the Amazon Echo Show. Amazon's Echo Show is designed to be a display for smart homes, but reviews have been... mixed. Google apparently means business, though, as they've already pulled YouTube from the Echo Show. Apparently, the project is codenamed Manhattan (which seems slightly ominous), but I guess we'll see what happens!

Diving Deeper Into IoT

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