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Office LAF for NetBeans Platform Developers!

"OfficeLAF project aims to create a high-fidelity implementation of Office 2007 UI and its Black skin as a NetBeans module," I read today on, from some time ago.

Further details from the reference above: "The main developers of the project, Gunnar Reinseth and Mikael Tollefsen from Exie AS, are reusing some of the work being done in Flamingo, providing a high-fidelity skin and additional UI behavior (such as the main application menu button that is currently under development in Flamingo)."

I found the related site:

Do the following to use it:

  1. Download the NetBeans module containing the sources here:

  2. Add the module to your application.

  3. Run the application.

A screenshot attached to the reference above, initially, doesn't look like a NetBeans Platform application at all:

However, in retrospect, I believe that the above is a development screenshot of Exie 2.0. But it doesn't look like a NetBeans Platform application at all! Well, the screenshot below is a quick application that I created myself, using the OfficeLAF from the site above, together with the TaskList Explorer View (based on SwingX) that Toni created recently:

The above is created atop the NetBeans Platform. I'm looking forward to seeing more applications like the above in the coming months/years!

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