OkHttp – An HTTP and SPDY Java Client

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OkHttp – An HTTP and SPDY Java Client

HTTP/2 has seen widespread atoption. OkHttp is a Java Client with HTTP/2 support. Here's an example of HTTP with the SPDY Java client.

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As HTTP/2 adoption is already done by some of the web servers and the browsers, it's time for developers to adopt HTTP client libraries to support HTTP/2. I came across“OkHttp” Java client with HTTP/2 support.

OkHttp supports by default,

  • Uses single TCP socket for all the requests.
  • Supports for both synchronous blocking and asynchronous non-blocking calls.
  • Silently handles the common connection problems. If the services hosted in multiple IP addresses, OkHttp client checks for other alternate IP addresses if the first address fails to respond.

Here we will see an example of GET request and POST request.

OkHttp Client GET Request

Now we will see POST request.

OkHttp POST Request

The source code created for the above example is available on GitHub.

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