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Okta Releases Early Access Features

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Okta Releases Early Access Features

Find out what new early access features are now available from Okta.

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The 2019.06.0 release of Okta was made available earlier this month and includes some impressive early access features that existing customers or those in the evaluation stage might want to consider utilizing.

DocuSign Improvements

Prior to the June 2016 release, accounts created in DocuSign with a status of "ActivationSent" could not be provisioned into the Okta service. This limitation has now been removed — allowing those accounts which have an activation sent, but not processed, to be available within Okta.

Those interested in utilizing this early access feature simply needs to reach out to Okta support, who will make the functionality available. Make sure to reference the PROV_DOCUSIGN_ACTIVATION_SENT_USERS_SUPPORT feature flag when talking with the support team.

For more information on Okta's integration with DocuSign, please see the following URL:


Quick Access Option

In the spirit of maximizing productivity, Okta has added a "Quick Access" section to both their dashboard user interface and their browser plug. See the example image below:

Image title

In the screenshot above, the "Admin" user frequently utilizes the applications displayed — with the ADP FlexDirect Employer application being the most used application. Additionally, it is worth noting that the end user's personal accounts (like Chase or Amazon, as shown) are also considered and available in the Quick Access section.

A call to Okta support can get the Quick Access functionality enabled.  At that point, administrators can enable the early access feature on a per-user basis.

For more information on Quick Access, please review the following URL:


Incremental CSV Imports

If you are currently using (or plan to start using) the on-premises provisioning (OPP) tool to introduce custom integrations into Okta, improvements have been added to the early release feature list to only import user accounts that were created, updated or removed since the last import integration was executed.  This should yield a positive performance impact for integrations utilizing the OPP tool.

If you are interested in using OPP and the OPP agent, please review the following URL:



I first started writing about the Okta service when I utilized the service to build an application for my mother-in-law. You can read about my experiences here:


My positive experiences with Okta has led me to recommend the service for corporations of virtually any size. If you are looking for such a service, I certainly recommend adding Okta to your list of vendors and products to consider.

Have a really great day!

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