Oliver Gould on Service Mesh, Containers, and Edge [Podcast]

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Oliver Gould on Service Mesh, Containers, and Edge [Podcast]

Oliver Gould, CTO at Buoyant, talks about service mesh abstraction view to microservices and Kubernetes and how applications are managed at the edge.

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Joining us this week is Oliver Gould, CTO Buoyant who provides a service mesh abstraction view to microservices and Kubernetes. Oliver and Rob also take a look at how applications are managed at the edge and highlight the future roadmap for Conduit.


  • Defining microservices and Kubernetes from Buoyant viewpoint
  • Service mesh abstractions at a request level (load balance, get, put, ...)
  • Conduit overview - client-side load balancing
  • Service mesh tool comparisons
  • Edge Computing discussion from service mesh view

Topic Time (Minutes.Seconds):

Introduction 0.0 - 1:39
Define Microservices 1:39 - 5.25
Define Kubernetes 5.25 - 10.23 (Memory as a Service)
Service Mesh Abstractions 10.23 - 12.37 (L5 or L7)
Conduit Overview 12.37 - 18.20 (Sidecar Container)
When do I need Service Mesh? 18.20 - 19.55 (Complex Debugging)
Service Mesh Comparisons 19.55 - 22.31
Deployment Times / V2 to 3 for DRP 22.31 - 25.13 (Kubernetes into Production)
Edge Computing 25.13 - 27.04 (Define)
App in Cloud + Edge Device? 27.04 - 31.10 (POP = Point of Prescience)
Containers + Serverless 31.10 - 34.30 (Proxy in Browser)
Future Roadmap 34.30 - 37.06 (Conduit.io)
Wrap Up 37.06 - END

Podcast Guest: Oliver Gould, CTO Buoyant

Oliver Gould is the CTO of Buoyant, where he leads open source development efforts. Previously, he was a staff infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he was the tech lead of the Observability, Traffic, and Configuration and Coordination teams. Oliver is the creator of linkerd and a core contributor to Finagle, the high-volume RPC library used at Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and many other companies.

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