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OmniPresence Open Syncing

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So no doubt you read our post noting the fusterclucked state of iCloud syncing, and probably came away with a somewhat dispirited view of the document sync options for the small developer, yes?

Well, here’s something that you should be aware of if sync issues are even remotely on your radar — andthey should be if you create any data! — looks like there’s a sweet spot for pretty much everybody on offer here:

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.42.14 PM.png

What does that mean exactly?

  • OmniPresence is a way to sync folders between your devices using a web server.
  • On Mac, a separate OmniPresence app churns away silently in the background, syncing any documents placed in its folders—without requiring any special support from other apps. On iOS, the sandboxing environment requires that each app add its own support for OmniPresence—so we’ll be providing free updates for all our apps (and publishing code so other developers can add support if they wish).
  • OmniPresence separates document syncing from any particular back end service provider. You can use it with your own compatible web server, or with the Omni Sync Server for documents created with your Omni apps.

Want someone else to host? Sign up here for the Omni Sync Server, or here’s a thread on suitable paid and free hosts.

What about self-hosting? Why, yes, downright trivial.

Where’s the client code? Right here, that would be.

Why should you trust this to work with your iOS apps? Because OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle andOmniGraphSketcher apps are using it, that’s why.

More architecture details to be found here:

OmniPresence, the Omni Group’s new cloud sync service, hits all the right buttons

… OmniPresence’s relevance in a sea of alternatives remains to be seen, but Omni seems to have hit on all the right features: privacy, simplicity, support for teams, and openness. This combination of factors could well conspire to make the company’s sync solution very successful, indeed…

And here’s a discussion from the user point of view:

The Omni Group Launches OmniPresence For Automatic Document Syncing

… More impressively, The Omni Group built OmniPresence in a way that documents are updated in real-time when an app is already running: in testing OmniOutliner for iPad alongside the Mac app, changes I made to a document were synced after seconds to the other app with the open document simply refreshing itself…

Pretty much upside all around, isn’t it? Looks like this should immediately go straight to the head of the list of alternatives to consider for pretty much all sync use cases you’re likely to be faced with!


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