One Certainty About Open Source Software

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One Certainty About Open Source Software

Here's some simple advice to consider when you find a useful OSS project.

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This is the short version of something much longer I have been thinking about.

Many things are currently being said about open source development — its maintenance, and how people who contribute towards it are supported.

It's a big, complicated subject with lots of strong opinions and no easy solutions.

I do, however, think there's one simple thing that anyone who uses open source software can do to help.

Say thank you.

How do you say thank you?

Here are a few ways:

  • Send them a thank you tweet or email.
  • Leave a review or rating in the store/marketplace/repository where you got it from.
  • Donate, if/where appropriate.
Here are a few links to a few of the places you may be getting the results of the hard work of other developers.

Help make open source developers feel happier and more appreciated by finding something you use at one of the links above and saying thank you.

You benefit too. Being grateful makes you happier. Harvard medical school say that's the case so it must be true.

Have you thanked an open source developer today?

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