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Those who call ourselves early adopters have a tendency to sign up to services on a regular basis. If I think about where my own content sits – I have images in Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. Documents in Google Drive, DropBox, Box and Syncplicity, contacts in at least a couple of dozen services etc etc. At the moment my way of dealing with that is to simply remember where things are and hope that I don’t drop any of the balls I’m juggling – there simply has to be a better way.

That’s the challenge that Primadesk has taken on – Primadesk is a service that allows people to view and manage all of their content (be it email, photos, documents, etc.,) in one place. It allows them to also copy content from one service to another. The idea being that Primadesk is the “single pane of glass” that gives access to all content in one place – it allows a central console into cloud content with the ability to edit, move and share from within the console. It also gives users a single access point for all their individual services as users only need to login to Primadesk itself which then authenticates across all connected services. Primadesk is following a freemium model – their paid offering allows backup of online content.




Primadesk seems like one of those great ideas that you just know will never fly. While the idea of being able to easily move photos between web services, or share documents between different storage offerings sounds good – the fact is that it’s a product without a market. Consumers are unlikely to pay for a backup service and enterprises are going to run a mile before they give a third party service access to all of their user’s data. It’s one thing getting DropBox viral uptake within the enterprise (and that’s challenging enough as it is) but getting uptake for a product that ties together so many different services? I’d say nearly impossible.

Primadesk is a good example of a business that is built looking at a product opportunity rather than a market opportunity – while it’s a cool idea and all – it just ain’t going to fly.

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