One Solution to Monitor Customer Experience in Hybrid Mobile Apps

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One Solution to Monitor Customer Experience in Hybrid Mobile Apps

Tracking for hybrid mobile apps can be tricky, but here's a tool to solve that

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Ever working relentlessly, our product devs are excited to announce the beta of a groundbreaking new solution in Crittercism’s arsenal: mobile application intelligence for hybrid mobile apps. This new feature offers one native agent that can automatically track customer experience, performance issues, and diagnostic data across all parts of a hybrid app.

Hybrid mobile apps combine elements of both native and Web applications. Gartner has predicted that by 2016 more than 50% of mobile apps deployed will be hybrid. We’ve seen many Crittercism customers adopt hybrid architecture because it combines the portability of HTML5 web apps, with a native container that allows access to a device’s native features. Enterprises are also attracted to hybrid because it promises faster development and offers ready access to the various app stores.

Business Challenges with Hybrid Apps

Gaining insight and fully understanding the user experience as they navigate across the native and web components of an app present a unique challenge.

Previously, companies required two separate mechanisms in attempting to monitor their hybrid apps.


One Solution to Rule Them All

Crittercism’s new single agent allows our customers to tie together both sides of a hybrid app into a single view – and our beta testers have been giving us very favorable updates on the product. 

One example: a large online retailer who has successfully bridged the two components of their hybrid app to better identify and understand their customers’ journey.

We expect to make this feature generally available by the end of the third quarter, but if you want to try it now, we welcome your participation in our beta program.*

* Note: the beta is for both Android and iOS hybrid apps; if you’re not currently using Crittercism but want to participate, contact us at info@crittercism.

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