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Only 34% of Companies Use Automation Tools to Perform Database Changes, Survey Shows

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Only 34% of Companies Use Automation Tools to Perform Database Changes, Survey Shows

According to the 2018 Database DevOps Report, DevOps adoption is rising, but not for database. See what benefits we could be missing.

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New global survey of 200+ IT professionals reveals that while more than half of companies have adopted continuous delivery in Application Development, only one in three companies has adopted these technologies for Databases.

DBmaestro just released the results of its 2018 Database DevOps Report, reviewing the challenges and best practices of companies using or looking to implement DevOps for databases. The report is based off a survey of IT professionals from around the world, conducted in October of this year.

Majority of Companies Are Using DevOps, Not for Database

The report sheds light on how IT professionals are using DevOps for their projects, with an emphasis on Databases. The report also reveals the biggest risks and errors they encounter when deploying database changes.

Results of the survey show that DevOps practices are widely adopted across industries; 74% of respondents report that DevOps practices are implemented in at least 10% of the company’s projects. Fifteen percent of respondents report that their company uses DevOps in almost all projects.

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Only 17% of companies are not currently using any DevOps practices, respondents report. Even though these practices are widely assimilated, the survey uncovered this troubling insight: only 36% of those surveyed have adopted continuous delivery practices for Databases.

This insight is particularly surprising considering the prevalence of Database errors across the board. Nearly half of respondents (48%) have experienced a significant Database problem in the last 3 months.

When asked about the top reasons for Database errors, respondents reported that accidental overrides, invalid codes, and conflicts between teams were the biggest issues. What’s interesting is that each of these reasons has in the past been problematic in the world of application code development. These issues were solved in that sphere by introducing version control and automation tools to the application release process.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the key to eliminating Database errors lies in adopting release automation and version control for the Database environment.

Database Changes Met With Big Challenges

Failure to adopt continuous delivery practices for databases can mean serious, costly errors for companies. A recent study shows that Database downtime can cost companies over $8,800 per minute; at that rate, an outage lasting an hour can cost over half a million dollars.

Study results show that more often than not, the responsibility and sole access for deploying Database changes lies in the hands of the Database Admin. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of respondents reported that DBAs are the only ones in the company allowed to make changes to databases.What’s more, DBAs are most often making Database changes by executing scripts manually, in more than 60% of cases.

With these working methods and division of responsibilities, it is no surprise that Database changes are slow and problematic to deploy.When asked how often Database changes are deployed, only 14% of respondents replied that they are able to deploy changes multiple times a day. What’s more, the survey shows that frequent deployments are correlated with Database failures.

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Eliminating Errors, Increasing Deployment Frequency

In light of these findings, implementing DevOps for Databases, and in turn Database release and automation functionality, will simplify the DBA’s responsibilities. It will also drive a faster, smoother, higher-quality database release cycle process that’s less error-prone.

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