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Only One Language Solves the Whole Problem: Scala

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Only One Language Solves the Whole Problem: Scala

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I'm writing this post from the Groovy/Grails eXperience, awaiting the start of registration and the actual first sessions. It's a bit ironic that at this time I have to come to this conclusion: Scala is the only language that solves the whole problem.

So what's the "whole problem" then? It's programming for multi-core processors. And static typing. Throw away your Python, Ruby and Groovy books. The dynamic language skills you've learned may still be useful in other settings, who knows. But if dynamic languages are your thing you're on the wrong side of the aisle.

It's Scala! Think about it. You can write your own web server in Scala - after all Tomcat is written in Java. Scala is somewhat readable, but if you know ML you'll feel right at home. As you all know using multi-core processors efficiently is the future. Intel has an 80-core processor! Think! It's Scala all the way.

Java is old and needs replacement anyway. People get excited about dynamic language but they're wrong. Dynamic languages are useless! Useless! You can't even refactor! What's that about?

Anyway, I'm gonna enjoy this conference, do my sessions and on the plane home start to learn Scala. I want to secure my future man!

Happy coding!

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