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Open Letter to My Kids

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Open Letter to My Kids

An IT architect gives his thoughts and advice to his kids containing some Agile principles that could concern everyone.

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Dear Marie-Soizic, dear Charles-Edouard, your loving father wanted to tell you some few things, in the hope that it will be useful to you when you grow up. Maybe I could have written it in a few years; let's say it will be one of the very first texts you'll read when you'll be able to read.

Be Confident in Yourself

You are the most beautiful people when you are the "most you." Don't listen to people who judge you, just listen to people who want to listen to you. I don't think you must comply with what others think or do. You'll run the risk of being useless to your community, and even to yourself.

Everybody wants to listen to you, as your father wants to listen to everyone. It doesn't make me the best man on earth, and I deeply know that I've missed many opportunities just because I didn't listen in the past.

Whether with your friends or at work, people want you to bring them something. And it is by giving that we receive.

Do you want to give a birthday present to someone who pulled your curly hair?

You'll make mistakes, you'll say insane ideas, but at the same time, if you stay yourself, you'll keep learning and becoming a better person.

So don't follow others, follow your convictions, and don't go the "right" way, but your very own way. It's the way you are that will be the more "you," and the best path to keep you learning and giving to others.

Stay Humble

Life will teach you that you don't have enough time to learn everything. The more you learn, the more you understand that you know nothing. A wise man named Socrates said, "The only thing I know is that I know nothing."

You'll be able to learn from everybody, whatever his job, his social status, his capacities, his culture, and whatever.

Life will teach you that the concept of hierarchy that school shows you is just BS. You'll always find someone better or worse at any point, but would you be able to consider the person as a whole, considering at least his or her own past?

Your daddy learned a lot from the "originals," the ones everyone laughs at. They see the world from another point of view, from another side. It will be them who'll teach you the most.

And don't listen to questions like, "Why are you talking to the dumb guy?" They don't know what they lose.

Don't Mind the Hierarchy

Life will teach you that the hierarchy concept foolish. In your future jobs, you'll discover people who are managers and directors and who "have to be respected for that." Respect them as human beings, but talk to them as colleagues.

And I don't mind if the director of the company is Jeff Bezos or Satya Nadella. We all have our differences and capacities, we are all just different people, not better or worse. Just different people in different situations.

And don't think it will help you to respect the hierarchy, because you'll become transparent, and perfectly replaceable.

Stay Positive

If you always watch what is wrong and just what is wrong, you'll always stay in the wrong situation. Watch the good things; you'll get great opportunities.

Read Books

Read the books you love. It's another thing school will not teach. There are many books of different styles and genres. If you love cars, read books about them. If you love sociology, read sociologic books. If you love romance, read romance books. I don't mind what kind of books.

Books will work your creativity and imagination. Books will give you ideas and thoughts, and is not a passive media like your TV cartoons. Whatever the book you'll choose, you'll be the main actor in your book.

Don't give your mind to media, give your mind a medium. I'm sure you'll find topics that will give you the desire to read. I'm not worried about that.

By the way, don't read just articles. I know your daddy writes some sometimes, but books will give you more information, more details, and more explanations. And more inspiration, by the way.

Don't Be Naive

 It's a very large subject. I could split this topic into two points:

  • Naivety on information you'll receive. Try every time to question points of view that try to persuade you. Whatever the subject. Political opinion, news, every fact you'll hear, listen to the opposite side to get your very own opinion and to enrich ideas. It's so easy to be sure of what we think as true. Truth is just a concept in your mind. Don't be fooled by yourself.

  • Don't be digitally naive. You'll have to understand how Facebook and Google are working, but you'll have to understand very technical topics. AI will surely enter deeply our lives, some say that the quantum computer is really coming. You'll be at risk if you don't understand all these technical topics, because it will deeply impact our societies. Don't worry, I'll be there to help you.

Return to The Land

Your father will be at risk on this subject, as an IT Geek, it's not my specialty. But I've seen so many people disconnected to everything, that I understand that we need to connect to the land.

We've all forgotten how important land is to us. It will be our responsibility to help you and to encourage you.

Be Free, Don't Follow

Well, you have heard what my perspective. Now it's your turn. Define your own policy, your own frame, your own rules, discover the world. Try, test, ask. Live your lives.

Because it's up to you to be the very best you.

 Go ahead, you'll be heroes.

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