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Open Source API Management

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WSO2 has released the first open source API management platform.   The platform is a complete solution for publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community, and scalably routing traffic, and securing API content. WSO2 API Manager is released under the Apache Software License 2.0.

With the platform, your team can create, manage, consume and monitor APIs. The platform employs tried and tested SOA best practices to solve a wide range of API management challenges such as API provisioning, API governance and API security. WSO2 API Manager combines some of the most powerful and mature components of the WSO2 Carbon platform to deliver a smooth and end-to-end API management experience while catering to both API publisher and API consumer needs.  Marco Carnevale, Chief Architect, JDM Systems Consultants, Inc.  details how API Manager extends their SOA practice:

The API Manager will fill an existing gap in tools identified by our SOA implementation teams while delivering solutions to our customers. Service lifecycle management tasks, which have traditionally required significant manual intervention, can now be streamlined to improve the service governance process benefiting our customers.The API Store provides developers an excellent place to discover new APIs and learn about their capabilities.  

The WSO2 API Manager user experience web page details additional customer perspectives.  For example, Kin Lane, Founder of API Evangelist, expresses how WSO2 API Manager delivers a solution suitable for enterprise class organizations:

I was looking for a full open source API platform tool, and it appears WSO2 has what I was looking for. WSO2 API Manager is a simple, easy to understand API platform, but has all the hardened enterprise goodness many developers will be looking for when it comes to security, governance, policy enforcement, etc.

If you are comparing API Management offerings, review the API Management Comparison data sheet to learn how WSO2′s fast-follower, agile product development team has rapidly matched expected category requirements.  Marco Carnevale believes the WSO2 API Manager will provide unique and powerful features to his project teams and customers:

Overall, the WSO2 API Manager is an innovative, useful, and feature rich-application, which we will continue to utilize in the future with our new and existing customers.

The product delivers the following key features for API authors and publishers:

  • Publish APIs to external consumers and partners, as well as internal users; SOAP and REST services are supported
  • Manage API versions (several versions can be deployed in parallel)
  • Govern the API lifecycle (publish, deprecate, retire)
  • Attach documentation (files, external URLs) to APIs
  • Apply Security policies to APIs (authentication, authorization)
  • Attach SLAs
  • Track consumers per API
  • Monitor API usage, performance and SLA compliance
and for API consumers (developers and end users)
  • Find useful APIs by browsing or searching through the API Store: view top rated, top used and featured APIs
  • Explore API documentation
  • Register applications and obtain API keys
  • Evaluate APIs, rate APIs, and share comments
  • OAuth2 support for API access
  • OAuth2 resource owner credentials grant type support for end users

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