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Open Source India Week (formerly LinuxAsia) [February 2008]

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Open Source India Week (formerly LinuxAsia) [February 2008]

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[img_assist|nid=1354|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=100|height=56]Open Source India Week (OSIW) is India ’s largest Linux and Open Source event till date. Formerly, this event was held as LinuxAsia and was limited to the India 's capital city of Delhi . But, since the open source software continues to gain popularity, this event has grown to a three city mega event in India with 100-plus speakers. Its latest edition constituting two-day activities concluded in Delhi on 15th Februrary 2008.

A few blogs highlight details of this OSIW event:

  • "Open Source has potential with solutions for the disabled"


"The highlight of the second day was a very interesting and topical special session on Open Source accessibility solutions for the disabled. Opened by the legendary Klaus Knopper (of Knoppix fame) who showcased the ADRIANE desktop environment for the visually-impaired. Continuing on the same theme, Steffen Franke of Ed-Media Education, Germany spoke of the challenges of accessibility in e-learning. Professor Arun Mehta of the Computer Engg Department at JMIT Radaur demonstrated computing for those with cerebral palsy and autism and Krishnakant Mane, researcher at the TIFR, Mumbai demonstrated accessibility features of the GNOME desktop. …"

  • "GlassFish presentation at Open Source India Week in Bangalore "


§ Commercial support offerings for GlassFish.

§ In-memory JSP compilation and how to keepgenerated the resulting files

§ While developing in an open-source environment, how does GlassFish manage requirements and feature requests from the community and yet maintain a determinate roadmap for the future? I don't think we (along with Sahoo) could provide a convincing answer to this question.

§ Discussion around various source code branching schemes in an open source product and why GlassFish chose its current approach.

§ Tooling (IDE support) options for Metro and building interoperable web-services


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