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Open Text Links // Bookmarklet

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Open Text Links :  this bookmarklet collects strings of the form http://... or https://... in the user-selected text and then open them all in new windows. tested with Firefox 1.5 and IE 6.

The code

javascript:(function(){var w=window,d=document,rg=/\bhtt(p|ps)\:\/\/\S+\b/ig,gS='getSelection';var links=(''+(w[gS]? w[gS]():(d[gS]?d[gS]():d.selection.createRange().text))).match(rg);if(confirm(links.join('\n')))for(var i=0,len=links.length;i

Code with comments

  var w=window,d=document,rg=/\bhtt(p|ps)\:\/\/\S+\b/ig,gS='getSelection';

  // set links = the list of strings of the form http:/... or https:/... in the selected area
  var links=(''+(w[gS]? w[gS]():(d[gS]?d[gS]():d.selection.createRange().text))).match(rg);

  // if user confirms the list then open them all in new windows and then alert 'done'.
     for(var i=0,len=links.length;i

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