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OpenContrail SDN Package Open Sourced by Juniper

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OpenContrail SDN Package Open Sourced by Juniper

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Juniper launched a huge open source release for network virtualization and SDN this week.  The Apache 2.0-licensed project is called "OpenContrail," and it includes an SDN controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and published northbound APIs.  It's essentially the source code library for Juniper Networks' "Contrail."  The technology comes from an SDN startup with the same name that was snatched up by Juniper in late 2012 for $176 million.

The packages are up on GitHub, and they include: 

This one is probably your first stop.  It shows you how to build a sandbox with all of these git repos and start experimenting.

Contrail VNC build tools

Contrail analytics IDL

Contrail XML schema code generator

Contrail Virtual Router

Contrail Virtual Network Controller

Third-party sources

Follow those links and look through these slides for a fuller introduction to OpenContrail.

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